EKO LAWYERS believe that no lawyer, no matter how highly endowed, is a compendium of all knowledge. Consequently, EKO LAWYERS is a drive to emulate the nature of law practice in most advanced countries, that is the idea of pooling legal knowledge and experience together in an increasingly competitive and dynamic areas of Law Practice, as well as forming synergy which gives our Clients optimal service satisfaction.

Our Lawyers are constantly kept abreast of recent developments in the law through frequent participation in various seminars. The Lawyers also belong to different professional groups within the legal profession and other associations compatible with their status as lawyers.

For handling of Real Estate matters, EKO LAWYERS have a department which handles property transactions, property management and facility management of the firm.

EKO LAWYERS operates from the 2nd floor of No. 68, Bamgbose Street, Lagos Island, Lagos State. The location of the Law Firm is strategic for it lies in one of the busiest commercial hubs in Lagos, coupled with good proximity to Court of Appeal, High Court of Lagos State, Magistrate Courts and Federal High Court, Lagos. Our Law Firm can be easily accessed by our Clients and visitors. There are convenient and secure parking lots within the environs.

EKO LAWYERS have associate offices in Abuja, FCT and Owerri, Imo State, and liaison offices in other States of Nigeria for effective and efficient service to our Clients all over the Country and beyond the shores of Nigeria.


For further enquiry, please contact us via +2348039705476, +2348188293853   OR   ekolawyers@gmail.com  ;    info@ekolawyers.com


To enhance the Legal Profession and Our Clients’ interest through best Legal Practice


Promotion of highest ethical standards in law practice; boosting the satisfaction of our clients with the indispensable tool of justice, honesty, legal research, equity & good conscience, while meeting the demands of justice and fairness to all.


P – Professionalism
R – Reliable
A – Attentive
G – Gutty
M – Mastery
A – Audacious
T – Truth
I – Innovative
C – Courageous

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